Viva Brighton


Viva Brighton ran from May 2012 - March 2020


"Whether you’ve chosen to move here, or were brought up here and have chosen to stay, we understand that you’re living in Brighton for a reason: you like the place. Maybe even love it.

We do, too. Which is why we are on a monthly mission to help you to get to know this buzzing city even better than you already do, by attempting to give you a real feel of what’s what in town, not just in the present, but in the past and future, too.


What’s what, notice, not just what’s on. Our team of investigators work extremely hard every month to make the magazine a regular companion for the more discerning folk who live in the city, checking out all aspects of the place: from its rich royal history to whether our latest interviewee swims in the sea; from what that new restaurant’s like, to searching questions to visiting celebrities; from strange old photographs that shed light on the city’s history, to arty new ones that reveal something of its soul."