Viva Magazines Privacy Policy

Viva Magazines is committed to protecting your privacy. The purpose of the following policy is to explain what personal data we collect, and how we may use it. ‘Personal data’ refers to personally identifiable information about you, such as your name, email address, organisation name or mailing address.


What data do we collect?

We may collect the following information* from you:

  • Your name

  • Email address

  • Mailing and/or billing address

  • Phone number

  • Charity number/VAT status

*This information will be collected either by our sales team, admin department or accounts department. We will collect this information from your directly via email or phone (we do not take any data from you via our website).


We may use this data in any of the following ways:

  • To contact you regarding an advertisement booking

  • To discuss your copy/artwork

  • For repeat advertising

  • To send voucher copies of the magazine

  • To invoice appropriately

  • For invoicing queries/unpaid invoices


We will not share your private data with any third parties.


We keep our records up to date, and do not store your data any longer than necessary.


We also have measures in place to keep your data safe and secure.


Should you have any questions about this privacy policy or concerns about the way we process and store your personal data, please contact us at

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